8th July to 7th August, 2013

  • Weighing in
  • Pub lunch with some of the team
  • Skyping the olds
  • Finally got a proper badge!
  • Got randomly pulled along to a swing dance class (and actually enjoyed it)
  • Mark practicing his blowfish impression
  • Hannah hosting a lunch
  • Nev being classy
  • Rolling through Ikea on a trolley
  • Mark's version of flame grilled
  • Onesie Friday at Google
New Zealand
Unfortunately my youngest sister passed away and I urgently made my way to NZ.
  • I beat Lewis 10 - 0 at foosball. AKA a pantsing.
  • An amazing number of people helped out with preparations for the funeral/wake <3
  • Tarp was ready for what the weather was threatening.
  • Sealing the casket and saying our goodbyes :'(
  • Amy, during an amazing karaoke night
  • Wonderhorse with Simpat and Masson
  • My niece Alexis' 2nd birthday
Back into the swing of things
  • Rocking a public BBQ
  • Reddit surfing kills hours on end
  • Cheeky Cocktail #1 - Uncle Ming's
  • Me being an excited retard about my new linen
  • Mark joins the T2 Tea Society
  • Chinatown, heading to Marigold for some yum cha
  • Scooter gang getting wild around Pyrmont
  • Getting my ears lowered
  • Cheeky Cocktail #2 - Small Bar


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