26th May to 22nd June, 2013

NZ, Still on Holiday

  • Sunset in Te Kowhai
  • Lexi learned to say Luke
  • Heat pumps just aren't the same
  • Finally employed!
  • Nitro bar, ice tea
  • Little sister sad to see big bro leave NZ
Sydney, Home 2.0
  • New job, new home, time for a new haircut
  • Weather over here's not great.
  • Induction at work
  • Vivid!
  • State of Origin, Game 1
  • Darling harbour
  • Eating the world
  • Hangovers are cured by bacon (true facts)
  • Picnic at Middle Head
  • Always wanted to be in a band
  • The Internship screening for Googlers
  • A new phone... but should I drop my iPhone?
  • Star Casino
  • Sell your soul charity auctions
  • Boogy time at pimp mansion
  • Infinity elevator
  • See this on the way to work
  • Heat, Game 6
  • Mark is secretly a fireman
  • Abdulla and me after a lot of shots
  • Cooking prowess, proved again!


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