24th April to 25th May, 2013

Perth - Still on Holiday

  • Gaby disapproves of my cooking
  • ANZAC Day
Melbourne on my way home to NZ
  • Nev demonstrating his Lab environment
  • Loaves!
    • Nev's flatmate Phil took a bag of loaves intended for the homeless, on the promise they would be eaten. They were.
Back in NZ
  • Hayley being polite
  • Joffrey and I sharing some unemployed leisure time
  • Geoff's leaving gift from Enlighten, Hamptown Downs
  • Lewis being... Lewis. Hannah visiting NZ for the weekend.
  • Lain tells us about lady things.
  • Nude niece Alexis
  • Sara dressed up for the midnight screening of Star Trek: Into Darkness
  • Comedy gig.
    • Sat next to Rhys Darby. Jamie was drunk as a skunk and nearly kicked out for yelling at the comedians that they stole their jokes.
  • Babysitting Lexi, who refused to entertain me.
  • Shaving made sexy.
  • Lexi's first kiss was with her reflection.
  • "Cool dick bro!" My would-be flatmates.
  • Taxiing in Auckland is not cheap
  • Rain, on a large scale.
  • Kelsey makes her meals with love
  • Discovered old mail - I had graduated after all!
  • I miss having a cat
  • On the bright side, since our dog Maggie passed ducks crank our property regular.
  • Wrestly Lewis
    • He's saying "Ain't nobody want no kid like Jacob Marchioni ow, your the reason people invented contraception, bitches like you that don't wanna wrestle"
  • Jacob dresses for the occassion


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